Mødereferater 2019

Møde nr. 1: Status på geoteknik i Danmark


Lidt teori og historik omkring borede pæle - Jannie Knudsen (COWI)

Danish Geotechnical Society Seminar:


Keynote - Byron Byrne (Oxford University)

Strength testing insitu and lab - same results? - Jens Brink Clausen (Geo)

The Importance of Smart Geotechnical.... - Mike Rattley (Fugro)

Site investigations for jacket and MP foundations - Kristine Lee Kaufmann, Christina Pop (COWI)

Design of US Mono Pile - Alastair Muir Wood (Wood Thilsted)

Earthquake Issues - Amir Kaynia (NGI)

Jacket design for silty soil in Taiwan - Tore Lucht (Niras)

Offshore Seismic Design - Luis Todo Bom (Rambøll)

Recent Developments in the Design og Piles Driven in Chalk - Richard Jardine (Imperial College)

Global Innovation Project (GIP) - David Maloney (DNVGL)

Monopod Bucket for Deutsche Bucht - Lars Bo Ibsen (AAU)

SBJ Installation at Borkum Riffgrund 2 - AVI Schonberg (Ørsted)

Pile Driveability in Difficult Soils - Ivana Anusic (Multiconsult)

Challenges og Earthquake Analysis of WTI Jack-Ups - Perry van Uchelen (GustoMSC)

Seabed Remediation Ensuring Safe Sequential .... - Lindita Kellezi (Geo)

Jack-Up Risks - Sylvie Raymackers (GeoSea)

Møde nr. 3: Forskerdag


Research seminar - posters

Geoteknikerdag 2019: