About DGF

The Danish Geotechnical Society is an organisation, actively taking care of the professional interests of Danish geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists on a national as well as international basis. 

Today we are around 450 personal members and around 20 corporate members. 

The Danish Geotechnical Society was founded in 1950. We have a long tradition of exchange of knowledge based on a close cooperation between colleagues within the geothechical field. 

Activities of the Danish Geotechnical Society 

  • Events in Denmark with presentations on practical problems as well as advanced theory from small to very large projects. Five to ten events are held each year with about 50 participants. 
  • Publishing of our bulletins which are useful in the daily work of Danish geotechnical engineers. The bulletins are paid for through membership subscriptions fees or can be purchased from our secretariat. We publish one to two bulletins a year. 
  • Organising and participating in international conferences and committees in the Nordic countries as well as internationally.
  • Participating in the work in our international international organisation, ISSMGE (International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering).
  • Umbrella organisation for IAEG (International Association for Engineering and Environmental Geology) and ISRM (International Society for Rock Mechanics).