Knowledge of DGF

Part of the Danish Geotechnical Society’s mission is to be a contributor to knowledge sharing among Danish geotechnical engineers as well as to extend people’s knowledge of Danish geotechnical matters.

All members of the society are encouraged to submit texts to Casper Thrane Leth, who is contact person for the Publication and IT Committee.

Please find below available documentation divided into subsections and presented on separate pages.

Papers from international conferences, journals etc.

This is a collection of electronic versions of our members’ contributions to international conferences and journals from 2007 and onwards. Here is an overview.

DGF bulletins

The purpose of the bulletin series of the Danish Geotechnical Society is to communicate knowledge within the field of application of the society. The individual bulletins can be ordered from the society’s office. Some of them are available in an electronic version, and can be downloaded from here.

Reference sheets of the Danish Geotechnical Society

The Field Committee of the Danish Geotechnical Society has elaborated a number of reference sheets each describing common guidelines for different types of geotechnical work. The reference sheets are for general use and can be downloaded from here.

Reports/bulletins from GEO (Danish Geotechnical Institute)

In 2009, GEO made the bulletin series and Technical Reports of the Danish Geotechnical Institute available to the public. The bulletins are available here, and the Technical Reports are available here.(link)
Other documents
Other documents of relevance to the members of the Danish Geotechnical Society. Here is an overview. (link)