The XIVth European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering took place on 24 to 27 September 2007 in Madrid, Spain. The following Danish contributions are available:

P. Larsen: Soil Anchors in clay till using post-grouting 

L. Kellezi, G. Kudsk & H. Hofstede: Seabed instability and 3D FE jack-up soil-structure interaction analysis

H. Denver & L. Kellezi: Analytical and FE Modelling af Ground Vibration Transmission

L. Kellezi, H. Denver, G. Kudsk & H. Stadsgaard: FE skirted footings analyses for combined loads and layered soil profile

Papers presented at the "Spirit of Krebs Ovesen Session - challenges in geotechnical engineering", arranged by TC23, ERTC10 and the Danish Geotechnical Society in connection with the Madrid conference have been published in DGF-bulletin 23, which can be ordered here. The corresponding Powerpoint presentations can be downloaded using the following links:

Jørgen S. Steenfelt (Denmark): Transcendent foundation solutions (The cross pollination of scientific and industrial disciplines to overcome economic and technical challenges in foundation of large bridge structures)

Peter Day (South Africa): Krebs Ovesens legacy to South Africa: a harmonized basis-of-design code

Frans B.J. Barends (Netherlands): Geotechnics in Modern Societies

Trevor L.L. Orr (Ireland): The story of Eurocode 7 - the challenges in developing a European geotechnical limit state design code for the Eurocode Era

Sarah Springman (Switzerland): Niels Krebs Ovesen - his legacy in physical modelling

Brian Simpson (UK): A holistic view - and the origins of Design Approach 1

Yusuke Honjo, chairperson (Japan): Reliability and limit state design & closure