Other conferences and journals

Canadian Geotechnical Journal 2008, vol. 45, nr. 12, s. 1715-1722:

S. Krabbenhøft, A. Andersen & L. Damkilde: The tensile capacity of bored piles in frictional soil

5th International Symposium on Deep Foundations on Bored and Auger Piles (Bap V) took place on 8 to 10 September 2008. The following Danish contribution is available:

S. Krabbenhøft, L. Damkilde & A. Andersen: Field tests with drilled shafts in tension in frictional soil 

International Conference on Foundations - ICOF 2008 took place on 24 to 27 June 2008 in Dundee, Scotland. The following Danish contributions are available:

L. Kellezi, G. Kudsk & H. Hofstede: Jack- up rig foundation design applying 3D FE structure - soil - interaction modelling


L. Kellezi, G. Kudsk, H. Hofstede: Skirted footings capacity for combined loads and layered soil conditions