Publication and IT Comittee

The Publication and IT Committee under the Danish Geotechnical Society handles all practical aspects regarding the publication of the bulletin series. The guidelines for work of the Publication and IT Committee are:

  • The Publication and IT Committee is a committee established by the board of the Danish Geotechnical Society. The primary purpose of the committee is to communicate the members’ experience and knowledge to the widest possible extent through printed and electronic publications or issues. The board makes the final decision about every publication proposed to be published.
  • By means of a publication plan, the Publication and IT Committee keeps the board informed of the status of proposed publications. The bulletin layout is updated continuously (but conservatively) in a Bulletin 0 which also contains a writing guidance for publications.
  • The committee receives and assesses all proposals to Danish Geotechnical Society publications and tries actively to influence the members to contribute to Danish Geotechnical Society publications. To the necessary extent, the committee calls in experts for the assessment of the proposals received. The proposals accepted are adapted to the publication plan.
  • The committee forwards the following to the board before a publication is printed:
    - Budget of the publication
    - The text received or a description of the content
    - Description of an approval procedure
    - Publication media
    - Number of printed copies and price proposal
    - An updated publication plan
    Upon approval by the board, the committee arranges printing, manages the economy and publishes the publication according to further agreement.

The Handbook Series

The handbook series is a special initiative, primarily initiated by the reconstruction of the Danish Code of Practice for Foundation Engineering, DS 415. The handbook series is published in the grey series of bulletins with the purpose of spreading the knowledge to Danish geotechnical practice within the following areas:

- Field investigations
- Laboratory testing
- Strength and deformation properties of characteristic Danish soil and rock types
- Design and execution practice

So far, the following bulletins have been published in the series: Bulletin 14 - “Manual for Field Tests”, Bulletin 15 - “Manual for Laboratory Tests” and Bulletin 18 - “Manual for Foundation Engineering”. Bulletin 16 - "Occurrence and Geotechnical Properties of Danish Soil Types” and Bulletin 17 - ”Manual for Geotechnical Design” are in the course of preparation.

The elaboration of the handbook series is coordinated by an ad hoc group under the Publication and IT Committee managed by the handbook coordinator. In addition to managing the above-mentioned bulletins, the ad hoc group arranges a seminar prior to the publication to enable the members of the Danish Geotechnical Society to influence the final content of the handbooks. A preliminary edition of the handbook is published prior to the seminar. After the seminar, the editing of the handbook is completed and it is published as a DGF bulletin.

The Home Page of the Danish Geotechnical Society

The Publication and IT Committee is a board subcommittee for establishment and maintenance of the Danish Geotechnical Society’s home page, including administration of the content of the pages related to “Knowledge sharing in the Danish Geotechnical Society”.

Composition of the Committee

For some time, the committee has been abolished and replaced by a publication responsible person from Danish Geotechnical Society’s management. In the autumn of 2008, the board decided to reinstate the committee. As of 20 November 2012, the Committee has the following members:

Anders Tovsig Schaarup Andersen - Aarsleff
Caspar Thrane Leth - COWI
John K. Frederiksen - Rambøll
Jørgen S. Steenfelt - COWI
Per Beck Laursen - Rambøll
Pia Hald Sørensen - Rambøll

Any inquiries must be passed on to Casper Thrane Leth,